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Walkerstill Homecoming | MCAS Miramar, CA

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Little V | Pre-K Graduation | California Portraiture

My little man had a wonderful day, celebrating his “movin’ on up” status! Its so amazing to me how it feels like just the other day my oldest was doing this same thing, in that same

Aschenbrenner Homecoming | Southern California Portraiture

This beautiful little family is sooooo very lucky to have their daddy back home! I love capturing these wonderfully, highly anticipated reunions. Please enjoy as much as I did!  

McLaughlin | Southern California Newborn Portraiture

My beautiful friend Ashley was pregnant with her third child, another boy! I have had so much fun taking snapshots thru the tail end of the journey. Meet Lincoln <3 he is such a beautiful baby boy

Mata “Valentine’s Day” Homecoming | Camp Pendleton, CA

This was an adorably small and quick homecoming, but with so much meaning. This daddy got to meet his baby boy for the first time. It was so wonderful to be a part of such a beautiful moment and to

Smith Family | Camp Pendleton, CA

Welcome Smith family to my blog! This family is so special and just all around fun. Beautiful Zaily was turning three years old so we decided to have the whole family involved. Christina and Josh are

McLaughlin Family | CA

This beautiful little family is near and dear to my heart. This beautiful and inspiring young woman is a close friend of mine and such a sweet southern soul. I was so glad when she asked me to

Ryan Family | Southern California Portraiture

This beautiful little family was my last session of 2014 <3 & they totally rocked! This is such a beautiful location and I am super glad that she went with my suggestion. Please enjoy them as

Parks Family | San Clemente, CA Portraiture

This beautiful little family and I had so much fun. They had never been to this area and we enjoyed looking for spots where no one would be. Please enjoy these sweet people as much as I did.

Lewis Gender Reveal | San Clemente, CA Photographer

I had to wait a couple of weeks before I was able to share these, for good reason 🙂 This beautiful momma to be is expecting and daddy was deploying so we went ahead and did both genders till we were

SSgt. Millers Promotion | Camp Pendleton, CA Photographer

I truly love this little family. I have photographed Amanda’s graduation from the University and shared time with her talking shop 😉 Her and her family are so sweet and adorable together.

Lejeune Homecoming | Camp Pendleton, CA Photographer

This beautiful little family is so amazing. Before you ask yes, Captain Lejeune is a direct descendant of John Archer Lejeune, United States Marine Corps lieutenant general and the 13th Commandant of

Hannah Jean | San Clemente Portrait Photographer

This beautiful lady graced my camera this weekend. She was so awesome and a good sport. She put her complete trust in my art & I love how it shows in her photos. This lovely lady has such a

Ryan Family | San Clemente Portrait Photographer

I truly love this little family, they are near and dear to my heart. John is currently on a MEU and we can’t wait for his return. Please enjoy this beautiful family as much as I do.

Charliegh Grace | Child Portraiture

I am so excited to share these photos <3 Meet Charliegh Grace, she is my little buddy. Her family is very dear and near to my families heart. I attended Charliegh’s first birthday party

Winn Family | San Clemente, CA Family Photographer

This family is soooooo beautiful! Chelsea is a good friend of mine who I don’t know how I am going to live without 🙁 They will be moving to TX very soon and needed their last family portraits

Shelby Homecoming | San Clemente, CA Portrait Photographer

This is the adorable Miranda she was so nervous, it was soooo sweet. This was her first homecoming, and as a wife of a Marine, I can tell you that each one is just as exciting and nerve racking.

Mother’s Day Special | Mommy & Me Mini

Hello BEAUTIFUL momma’s out there. This is the best time of year for us 🙂 We get pampered and spoiled with love and kisses by the great loves and joys in our lives. Treat yourself to capturing

Waterman & Rieneker Homecoming | San Clemente, CA Portrait Photographer

What an adorable couple. This is Angelina’s first homecoming and she was so nervous, but amazingly sweet <3 This was such a quick and small homecoming that I swear it felt like it was over

Prudence Diana | San Clemente, CA Portrait Photographer

This little beauty will steal your heart with just a smile. She has the most beautiful eyes and is so polite. I enjoyed photographing her even if it got a little chilly without notice. HAPPY SECOND

New Blog!

Hello everyone, I had to completely change my site and move from one host to the other. So here I will be posting all of my newest stuff and some recaps of my work since I started. Please feel free

Archuleta Maternity | Camp Pendleton Portraiture

This beautiful family is expecting their first bundle of joy, a little boy <3 I had such a wonderful time photographing them & wish them all the love and labor dust to come very soon!  

Launder Homecoming | Camp Pendleton Portraiture

What a beautiful family. It was such a pleasure to be part of such a beautiful event in their lives. This will be their last homecoming and they wanted to remember it forever. Welcome home 3/5!

Violette Hope | Wilmington, NC Birth Photographer

I was so honored when my close friend Leah from Leah Sharee Photography asked me to be there and document the birth of their beautiful baby girl. This beautiful young soul is very dear to me. Leah