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Walkerstill Homecoming | MCAS Miramar, CA

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Aschenbrenner Homecoming | Southern California Portraiture

This beautiful little family is sooooo very lucky to have their daddy back home! I love capturing these wonderfully, highly anticipated reunions. Please enjoy as much as I did!  

Mata “Valentine’s Day” Homecoming | Camp Pendleton, CA

This was an adorably small and quick homecoming, but with so much meaning. This daddy got to meet his baby boy for the first time. It was so wonderful to be a part of such a beautiful moment and to

Lejeune Homecoming | Camp Pendleton, CA Photographer

This beautiful little family is so amazing. Before you ask yes, Captain Lejeune is a direct descendant of John Archer Lejeune, United States Marine Corps lieutenant general and the 13th Commandant of

Shelby Homecoming | San Clemente, CA Portrait Photographer

This is the adorable Miranda she was so nervous, it was soooo sweet. This was her first homecoming, and as a wife of a Marine, I can tell you that each one is just as exciting and nerve racking.

Waterman & Rieneker Homecoming | San Clemente, CA Portrait Photographer

What an adorable couple. This is Angelina’s first homecoming and she was so nervous, but amazingly sweet <3 This was such a quick and small homecoming that I swear it felt like it was over

Launder Homecoming | Camp Pendleton Portraiture

What a beautiful family. It was such a pleasure to be part of such a beautiful event in their lives. This will be their last homecoming and they wanted to remember it forever. Welcome home 3/5!