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Lewis Gender Reveal | San Clemente, CA Photographer

I had to wait a couple of weeks before I was able to share these, for good reason 🙂 This beautiful momma to be is expecting and daddy was deploying so we went ahead and did both genders till we were sure, but now that the family knows and immediate family was notified. I am proud to show these lovely pictures of this adorable little family who is now bring a + 1 into the world and making their beautiful baby girl a big sister! Please Enjoy!PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINI had to go ahead and add these that we took a few weeks ago. This pretty lady is my neighbor and a dear friend so we went out and just had a little fun. I think she was about 14-15 weeks for these. PINPINPIN

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